Services- Regular Doors

In this section you can read about a production process of our  wooden doors. It will give you an idea of what kind of components and materials we use in order to produce our high quality wooden doors and windows.

-All starts with wood. The timber we use for manufacturing our products is from FSC registered sustainable sources. The wood is engineered and its multi-layered structure is less prone to a humidity-induced warping.

-The timber is treated with two coats of Teknos primer to ensure a long-term performance of the exerior wooden doors and wooden windows and make them resistant to decay and insect attack.

-Then the frames are coated with either Teknos or Sikkens varnish or micro-porous painted with Teknos paint depending on your chosen finish. The paint or varnish finish helps to make the wooden doors and windows resistant to any weather influence.

-When the frames are ready to be used, they are glazed and sealed at the manufacture, which insures a thermal insulation and safety of your wooden doors and windows.

-The final step is fitting the hardware and assembling. The locks, handles, and other ironmongery are fitted in the manufacture and you receive fully-made to measure wooden doors and wooden windows, and there is no hassle to paint or glaze them and the only thing that needs to be done is to install your products.